Works by Category

Famous Last Words
for speaking keyboard player and assorted objects (in progress)
credo petrified for solo cello (2015-16)
final lecture for solo percussion and electronics (2014)
This Is How It Works
 for recorded electronics and video (2013) 
Who’s There? 
for amplified violin and electronics (2013)
Fluttertude an etude for solo viola (2013)
Night Vase (after McCormack) and Obsession Tocatta for solo violin (2007) 
Aunt(i) Mazurka 
for solo piano (2005)
for solo bass clarinet (1999)

petals [sostenuti] from Five Etudes for mixed ensemble (in progress)
unbridled/dissected/assembled for mixed ensemble (2016)
open/shut for string quartet (2015)
inside voice for string quartet (2015)
post-Igor for mixed ensemble (2015)
pick-pocket cello concerto for solo cello and small ensemble (2014-15)
Altromondo for piano four-hands and assorted objects (2013-14)
Three Decimated Bach Chorales for Electronics and Odd Quartet (2013)
Treatises for an Unrecovered Past for string quartet (2012)
…maestoso…misterioso… for amplified violin, amplified viola and assorted items (2012)
hear not evil for string septet (2012)
this bag is not a toy, a very short concerto for mixed ensemble without orchestra (2011)
Aunti(u) Mazurka from Five Etudes for mixed ensemble (2011)
as we do from Five Etudes for mixed ensemble (2010–11)
Four Remixes for piano trio (2011)
still distant, still here for large mixed ensemble (2010)
Good Stuff, remix for viola, flute, and percussion (2010)
Concertino for Violin Small Ensemble (2009–10)
All Thumbs, from Five Etudes for mixed ensemble (2008)
Gravities for string quartet (2007–08)
Seeing Things, for violin and piano (2006)
Double Trouble for two violas and small ensemble (2003)
Three Phantasy Pieces for viola, cello and double bass (2000)
Six Character Pieces, for viola and piano (2000)

DoubleFrankinTroubleStein for two amplified violas and orchestra (2011)
Bis Bald a fanfare for orchestra (2008)
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer for string orchestra (2002)
Sun King for string orchestra (2002)
Strong Motion, for chamber orchestra (2002)
Five Pieces for Orchestra (2000–01)
Oculus for string orchestra (1999)

Don Quixote for solo tenor and ensemble (in progress)
No Time To Hate for soprano and piano (2016)
Three Minutes with Ned for tenor and piano (2013-14)
Endless for chorus a capella (2007)
Bitter Harvest, an oratorio (2002–05)

TBA – a new opera in two acts in collaboration with writer Dana Spiotta, artist David Humphrey and musician Clem Coleman
Death With Interruptions – a chamber opera based on the novel by José Saramago (2014-15); in collaboration with historian Thomas Laqueur and the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble

[lost] In The Woods (2013-2014); an immersive installation in collaboration with artist Shelley Jordon
This Is How It Works for recorded electronics and video (2013)
Artifacts, a rendering for narrator, small ensemble and projected images (2012)
Terremoto (2010)
Anita’s Journey (2009)

final lecture, for solo percussion and electronics (2014)
Who’s There? for amplified violin and electronics (2013)
This Is How It Works for electronics and video (2013)
Three Decimated Bach Chorales for Electronics and Odd Quartet (2013)

Fratturato Teatro, for four musicians and puppet theater (2008–09)