Recent Works

Summer 2017 (and beyond)
It wasn’t a dream for soprano, tenor and piano four-hands on texts of Diane Seuss (in progress)
…for the Brooklyn Art Song Society’s 2017-2018 season
[Orchestration: soprano (1), tenor (1), piano four-hands (2 players)]

the right to be forgotten for seanghwang, harp and string quartet (in progress)
…in collaboration with the 2017 Pacific Rim Music Festival
[Orchestration: seanghwang (1), harp (1), violin (2), viola, (1), cello (1)]

seeking all that’s still unsung for piano trio and electronics (in progress)
…for violinist Judy Eissenberg, cellist Rhonda Rider and pianist Judith Gordon [Orchestration: violin (1), cello (1), piano (1), electronics (1)]

Spring 2017
power is everywhere – an observed distraction for soprano and small ensemble on texts of Foucault (2017)
…for soprano Nikki Einfeld and the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, premiered May 30, 2017, in San Francisco, CA at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music
[Orchestration: soprano (1), flute/bass flute (1), cello (1), piano (1)]

Never was a knight…a singspiel told in vignettes detailing journeys, reveries, ramblings & transformations from Cervantes’s “Don Quixote” for tenor and ensemble (2016-2017)
…for tenor Joe Dan Harper, in collaboration with artist Jennifer Coates
[Orchestration: Tenor (1), Clarinet/Bass Clarinet (1), Soprano Saxophone/Tenor Saxophone (1), Trumpet (1), Percussion (1), Piano (1), Viola (1), Double Bass (1)]

Fall 2016
credo petrified (2016/REVISION -in progress-)
…for cellist Rhonda Rider as part of the US National Park Artist-in-Residence Program, premiered in the Fall 2016 [Orchestration: solo cello]

Spring 2016
no time to hate (2016)
…a short, traditional art song for soprano and piano, premiered by soprano Nikki Einfeld and pianist Eric Zivian in June 2016 [Orchestration: soprano (1), piano (1)]

unbridled/dissected/assembled (2016/REVISION -in progress-)
…commissioned by ensemble mise-en, premiered Spring 2016; revised version premiere scheduled for Winter 2017 [Orchestration: flute/bass flute/piccolo (1), bass clarinet (1), trombone (1), violin (1), double bass (1)]

Summer 2015
open/shut (2015)
…a 30-second ditty for string quartet using 140 notes, as part of the Signum Quartet #quartweet project [Orchestration: violin (2), viola (1), cello (1)]

inside voice (2015)
…commissioned by the Lyris Quartet, premiered in the Winter 2016 [Orchestration: violin (2), viola (1), cello (1)]

post-Igor (2015)
…commissioned by the Bennington Chamber Music Conference, premiered July 2015 [Orchestration: clarinet in Bb (1), bassoon (1), horn in F (1), piano (1), violin (1), viola (1), cello (1)]

Fall 2014
Death With Interruptions – a chamber opera based on the novel by José Saramago (2014-15)
…in collaboration with historian Thomas Laqueur, Volti San Francisco chorus, soprano Nikki Einfeld, baritone Daniel Cilli, tenor Joe Dan Harper, director Majel Connery, and the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, premiered at the ODC Theater March 19 & 21, 2015

Summer 2014
[lost] In The Woods (2013-14)
…an immersive installation in collaboration with artist Shelley Jordon

pick-pocket cello concerto (2014-15)
…a mini-cello concerto for cellist Michele Kesler, funded by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition [Orchestration: solo cello; clarinet, doubling bass clarinet, bass recorder (1); piano (1); percussion {crotales, marimba, cowbells, 2 metal cans, 2 bass recorders, triangle, whip, sandpaper blocks, bass drum} (2)]

Winter 2014
final lecture (2014)
…for solo percussion and electronics, for the Empyrean Ensemble’s tribute concert in honor of D. Kern Holoman, premiered April 28, 2014 [Orchestration: percussion {1 large piece of foamcore, 1 large piece of foamboard, 1 large piece of stiff paperboard, 5 Tibetan prayer bowls, f#-minor harmonica} (1), electronics (1)]

Three Minutes with Ned (2013-14)
…composed to celebrate the 90th birthday of composer Ned Rorem, premiered at the Curtis Institute of Music in March 2014 [Orchestration: tenor (1), piano (1)]

Altromondo (2013-14)
…for ZOFO piano four-hands, to be premiered as part of their 2013–14 concert season [Orchestration: piano four-hands (1), harmonica (6), melodica (2), triangle (3), Chinese paper accordions (2), antique cymbals (2), preparations for inside – “bowed piano” {thick nylon sewing thread or thin nylon fishing line, rosin, rubber piano tuning wedges, masking tape and 2 small coins}

We, Here, (in progress)
…for the vocal ensemble Volti, composed as part of their 2014–15 concert season [Orchestration: SATB chorus a cappella]

Spring 2013
petals [sostenuti] (in progress)
…an etude for mixed ensemble, for the Scharoun Ensemble, premiere scheduled for Spring 2014 [Orchestration: clarinet (1), bassoon (1), horn (1), violin (2), viola (1), cello (1), double bass (1)]

Famous Last Words for speaking keyboard player and assorted objects (in progress)
…original fables by poet Paul Mann, composed for pianist Genevieve Lee [Orchestration: harpsichord (1), toy piano (1), tuned gongs (2), harmonica (2), sleigh bells (1), glass harmonica (1), triangle (2), squeeze toys (4), toy xylophone (1)]

Who’s There? for amplified violin and electronics (2013)
…for Shalini Vijayan, premiered as part of the PIE October 2013 concert, Los Angeles, CA [Orchestration: violin, (1), electronics (1)]

Three Decimated Bach Chorales for Electronics and Odd String Quartet (2013)
…performed at the closing concert of the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble 2013-2013 concert season [Orchestration: violin, (1), viola (1), cello (2), electronics (1)]

This Is How It Works (2013)
…for the Boston-based new music ensemble Dinosaur Annex, composed as part of their 2012–13 concert season [Orchestration: electronics (1), video (1)]

Fluttertude, an etude for solo viola (2013)
…composed for the Northern California Viola Society 2013 Young Violists Competition [Orchestration: viola (1)]

hear no evil (2012)
…for string septet, for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts [Orchestration: violin (2) viola (2), cello (2), double bass (1)]

Winter 2013
treatises for an unrecovered past (2013)
…for the Lydian String Quartet as part of the 2012 Lydian String Quartet Commission Prize [Orchestration: violin (2), viola (1), cello (1)]

Artifacts (2011–12)
…a rendering for narrator, small ensemble and projected images, for the Twentieth Anniversary Season of the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, to be premiered in 2012-2013, with additional performances by Sequitur, Southwest Chamber Music and Firebird Ensemble; commissioned by Meet the Composer/Commissioning Music USA [Orchestration: piano (1), flute/piccolo/bass flute (1), violin (1), viola (1), cello (1), narrator (1), tuned gongs (3), diatonic harmonicas (5)]

Fall 2012…and before
Aunti-Mazurka (2011–12)
…an etude for mixed ensemble, for the Scharoun Ensemble, premiered in Berlin on April 15, 2012 [Orchestration: clarinet (1), bassoon (1), horn (1), piano (1), violin (2), viola (1), cello (1), double bass (1)]

…maestoso…misterioso… (2011–12)
…for amplified violin, amplified viola and assorted items, premiered by the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble on June 7 and 11, 2012 [Orchestration: amplified violin (1), amplified viola (1), tuned gongs (4), diatonic harmonicas (5)]

this bag is not a toy
…a very short concerto for small mixed ensemble without orchestra, for the ensemble eighth blackbird, composed as part of the final round of the American Composers Forum/Finale National Composition Contest, in partnership with MakeMusic, Inc., premiered in Chicago on December 8, 2011 [Orchestration: flute/piccolo (1), bass clarinet (1), percussion (1), piano (1), violin (1), cello (1)]

Double-Franken-Trouble-Stein (2010–11)
…for Two Amplified Violas and Orchestra, for violists Ellen Ruth Rose and Kurt Rohde, premiered in May 2011, with Christian Baldini and the University of California at Davis Symphony Orchestra [Orchestration: solo violas (2), flute (3), oboe (2), English horn (1), clarinet (2), bass clarinet (1), bassoon (2), horn (4), trumpet (3), trombone (3), tuba (1), percussion (4), piano (1), harp (1), strings]

as we do (2010–11)
…an etude for mixed ensemble, for the Scharoun Ensemble, premiered in Berlin in the Fall 2011 [Orchestration: clarinet (1), bassoon (1), horn (1), violin (2), viola (1), cello (1), double bass (1)]

Four Remixes (2010–11)
…for the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, premiered in January 2011 [Orchestration: violin (1), cello (1), piano (1)]

Violin Concertino (2009–10)
…for violinist Axel Strauss, premiered in May 2010, with The Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, commissioned by the Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation [Orchestration: solo violin, flute/piccolo (1), clarinet/bass clarinet (1), percussion (1), piano (1), viola (1), cello (1), double bass (1)]

still distant, still here (2009–10)
…for Southwest Chamber Music’s “Ascending Dragon Project”, sponsored by the US State Department, commissioned by the James Irvine Foundation, premiered in March 2010, with Southwest Chamber Music [Orchestration: flute/piccolo (1), flute/alto flute (1), clarinet (1), bass clarinet (1), bassoon, (1), horn (1), percussion (2), piano (1), dan bau (1), violin (6), viola (2), cello (2), double bass (1)]

Good Stuff (2009–10)
…a remix of Good Stuff by the B52s for Ellen Ruth Rose, premiered in January 2010, with The Empyrean Ensemble [Orchestration: flute/piccolo (1), percussion (1), viola (1) – amplification and reverb required for all three players]

All Thumbs (2008–09)
…an etude for mixed ensemble, for the Scharoun Ensemble, premiered in March 2009, in Rome, Italy [Orchestration: clarinet (1), bassoon (1), horn (1), piano (1), violin (2), viola (1), cello (1), double bass (1)]

ONE (2008–09)
…for speaking pianist on poems of Paul Mann, for pianist Genevieve Lee, premiered in October 2009, in San Francisco Bay Area [Orchestration: solo piano – amplification and reverb required for piano and pianist]

Fratturato Teatro (2008–09)
…for four musicians and puppet theater, for The Utah Arts Festival, premiered in June 2009, in Salt Lake City, Utah [Orchestration: clarinet (1), piano (1), cello (1), percussion (1)]

Bis Bald (2007–08)
…for The Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kent Nagano, premiered in September 2008 [Orchestration: flute (2), oboe (2), clarinet (2), bass clarinet (1), bassoon (1), contra bassoon (1), horn (4), trumpet (3), trombone (2), bass trombone (1), tuba (1), timpani (1), percussion (2), strings]