Kurt’s Farewell Tour – PART 2 is here!!

Kurt Rohde’s Farewell Tour – PART 2

"Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say, I really don't think you're strong enough."

One of the nicest things about saying goodbye over the course of 12 years is that by the time you get to the end most people will not remember why you were doing any of it in the first place. It will seem less like a goodbye and more like business as usual. My primary reason for doing this project is to find creative voices that I think have something vital to contribute to the world of music, and to the world beyond music. All of the people involved in this project are folks that I deeply admire. They cover a wide array of different approaches and aesthetics. Each of them is so smart, curious, generous and thoughtful, and I think it shows in their work. So let’s begin—and let’s continue!                    


Richard Chowenhill – crush for Amplified Viola

Peter Van Zandt Lane – Décalcomanie 2 for Viola and Electronics

Elainie Lillios – Liquid | Crystal | Vapor for Viola and Live, Interactive Electronics

Sam Nichols – Imaginary Units for Viola and Electronics

Tina Tallon – excision no. 2: they didn’t know we were seeds for Viola and Live Electronics*

   *Tina Tallon's new work is Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University

Five new works, all using electronics in one manner or another, premiered over a series of concerts throughout the beginning of March 2019. Also performed will be Rebecca Clarke’s masterful and extraordinary Viola Sonata (1919) with pianist Eric Zivian, written one hundred years ago this year!


March 1 (F), 7p, Center for New Music in SF (full program)
March 2 (Sa), 3p, Sacramento Saturday Club in Sacramento (full program) - contact Bruce Hubbard bruce@hubbard-pataki.org
March 3 (Su), 7:30p, Berkeley Hillside Club in Berkeley – Left Coast Chamber Ensemble (full program minus Nichols)
March 4 (M), 7:30p, SF Conservatory of Music in SF – Left Coast Chamber Ensemble (full program minus Chowenhill)
March 7 (Th), 12noon, UC Davis Pitzer Hall in Davis (full program minus Clarke)


Feb. 19 (Tu), 5-7p, Doug Adams CARe Gallery – Left Coast Chamber Ensemble w/Rohde, Chowenhill & Nichols

Feb 28 (Th), 5-7p, Doug Adams CARe Gallery – Left Coast Chamber Ensemble w/Rohde, Lillios & Tallon

Special thanks to Stephen Bingen and the UC Davis Music Department for generously lending electronic equipment for these events; composers Sam Nichols and Joseph Vasinda for their generous assistance with helping prepare and rehearse all the various electronic formats used in these five wonderful new pieces; the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition for support of the commission of the Tallon. Please note that Cher will not be performing at any of these events.